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If you would like to get involved, please make your contribution.

Your contribution, however big or small, makes a difference. It is about that first step towards the greater good, about that first move to bring a smile and spread happiness. There are many ways to spread happiness and we can choose ours. We want to dedicate ourselves to the work Ram began. There are creative expressions that help spread happiness. Dance, music, arts & crafts are the best way to unwind and be happy.

These are ways in which you express yourself and get happy. We use these creative expressions to spread happiness. Join us in the greater good, you can help us by promoting local arts and crafts, boosting indigenous sports & yoga, and engaging with local communities in a bid to repay to the society.

It is all about the small joys of life and extracting the good out of everything we do but often fail to do so. In a quest to seek happiness – discover yourself, identify what makes you happy, experience happiness in small things, explore ways of spreading happiness and at last, share happiness.

Ram Kohli Foundation also supports The Earth Saviours Foundation. (

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Let’s get connected to spread happiness together