Life is all about spreading happiness and making world a better and joyful place, we believe in just this. With an aim of making people happy in whichever way we can, this foundation was started.

We aim at spreading happiness and making the lives of people better. All it takes is a little effort to spread and more importantly, share happiness. Sharing happiness is a kind act, and we practice it.

Join us in our journey to spread happiness. At the end of the day, it is that feeling of contentment that matters. So, are you ready to share your bit of happiness?

The six conditions of happiness


Engaging in activities that produce joy and satisfaction. To be filled each day with a rewarding sense of exhilaration and purpose, a sense of task accomplished and a deep fulfillment.

Understanding Profound Philosophy

We live in an age where people can no longer distinguish what is right or wrong, good or evil. This is a global trend; if things continue this way then humanity is destined for chaos and moral decay. In the midst of such times it is important to hold on resolutely to the belief in dignity of life. Each one of us is striving to do our best and to succeed in all areas of life. And when we open and share our own lives with others by reaching out and showing them warm concern and understanding it eventually leads to the opening of their lives, which leads to wellbeing in society.

Cheer And Vibrancy

Viewing events and given situations in positive light is important. The strength wisdom and cheerfulness that accompanies such an attitude leads to happiness.

Tolerance and Courage

Courageous person is tolerant, broad minded, makes people feel comfortable and can overcome anything. Practicing empathy by putting oneself in another persons shoes so that you can understand how their perspective makes sense. A great way to keep an open mind is to learn at least one interesting or useful thing from every engagement that you have.

Making Health a Priority

There are a number of links between health, happiness and success. Essential health habits that happy people practice include eating healthy, fighting stress and exercising.

Celebrating Each Other

Happy people are confident people draw their self worth from within and focus outward, which allows them to see all the wonderful things that other people bring to the table. Praising people for their contributions and celebrating occasions with each other naturally creates happiness.