The Foundation

Our Vision

Become happy where we are right now.

Our Mission

Giving everyone opportunities
to experience happiness in their
present circumstances.


All of us are searching for happiness in life, but what constitutes happiness is different for each person. Among all different kinds of happiness, is there a true happiness that offers complete fulfillment to all?

Fulfilling desires for such things as wealth, fame or social standing constitutes relative happiness. These desires know no limit. Even if we gain such wordly benefits, they are ultimately insubstantial and ephemeral. Their allure can fade in an instant when we compare them with what others may have. And when they fail to deliver the anticipated satisfaction, we may regret ever having pursued them in the first place. If we seek only relative happiness, we cannot build a truly happy life.

In contrast absolute happiness is attained in developing a state of life characterized by a powerful life force and rich wisdom that enables us to overcome any kind of adversity – a state of being in which living itself is a joy. Attaining absolute happiness is a fundamental goal for all.

Based on the nature ofrelative and absolute happiness we are offering six concrete conditions of happiness: fulfillment, understanding profound philosophy, cheer and vibrancy, tolerance and courage, making health a priority and celebrating each other.

Ultimately happiness rests on our establishing a solid sense of self