Water Games

Concept: Sensory Exploration

Value: To share and care

Starter Activity: We sing the song “Nanha munha rahi hoon” or “Rang birangi rakhi”, and have abrief discussion about the Independence Day/Rakshabandhan

Activity: Water Games

Class 1: Fishing Games: In a big tub of water children catch the fish with the fishing rod.

One group plays the fishing game, another group plays with beds.

Class 2: Chalni (stariner) game- In a big tub of water teacher places small toys, balls, leaves, twigs, paint, salt, sugar etc. Children use chalni to experiment things they can take out with the strainer and what things they cannot.

One group does the strainer activity, another group draws things they could take out with the chalni on the given sheet.

Closing Activity: We close the activity with the songs.