Organ Donation Awareness Session at Creative Travel

Did you know in India every year nearly:

500,000 people die because of non- availability of Organs.
200,000 people die of Liver disease.
50,000 people die from Heart disease
150,000 people await a Kidney transplant but only 5,000 get one
1,00,0000 suffer from Corneal blindness and await transplant…

Organ donation from deceased donors is gaining momentum in India and it is time to take this program further to help thousands of patients with organ failure get a second chance at life. Organ donation is a gracious act; it reaffirms our faith in humanity.

One Organ Donor can donate up to 25 different organs and tissues for transplantation. This can save up to 8-9 lives!

We conducted a session on Organ Donation Awareness at Creative Travel HQ. It helped create awareness about organ donation and transplantation.