Monthly Meeting of the NPRC attended by HMs, Teachers & Shiksha Mitr

Meeting of the NPRC held on the 22nd Oct.

Presided by Shri Anil Parihaar Diet Mentor.
Anil sir laid stress on how everyone should work as a team and set goals for the NPRC to achieve monthly.
Teachers should make education child friendly.

Conducted by Rakesh Kushwah

Points of discussions- Prerna Lakshay Prerna Soochi Prerna Taalika

These were explained by Kamlesh sir , who began with a small poem based on the Lakshay, Soochi and Taalika. He then conducted a quiz on the same.

Rudhir Kumar sir spoke about Innovation and how it helps to keep children engagedand the teachers motivated.
Sangeeta rani ma’am, Melina Chauhan Ma’am & Sudhir sir shared their experiences of innovations in their schools.

Goals for NPRC-
To conduct Sankul meetings regularly Share innovative ideas.