Children’s Day Celebration (Annual event)

Concept– Imagination – Music and movement
Event– Children’s Day celebration
Value– To embrace team spirit
Activity– Music and movement games
Class 1
Animal Walk- (Elephants-stomping, Frogs- hopping, Horses- galloping)
Hoopla’s will be placed in the center of the open space. Children stand at the starting point, they walk as
elephants, frogs and horses till the center, pick up the hoopla and go through it, leave the hoopla there and run
till the finish point.

  • Hens and eggs – Eggs(smiley balls) will be scattered all around a nest (big tub). In a team of ten, children
    collect the eggs and put it in the nest.
    Class 2
  • Aim and Throw – Teachers place a basket/tub at a distance. Children take turns to aim and throw smiley balls
    in the basket.
  • Jumping Jacks– In a line ten hooplas will be placed in the centre of the open space, Children stand at the starting point, they walk like animals and jump through all the hooplas, then walk like animals till the end.
  • Class 1 & 2
    Children dance on ‘nani teri morni’ and ‘lakdi ki kathi’ songs .