Beacon Educator Fellowship

The current pandemic has made me realize the potential of our students, that besides being unaware about ICT techniques, they quickly adjusted to our online teaching system. The bond that I had with my students before COVID enabled me to connect with them quickly and move to whatsapp medium of learning. In the beginning, many problems arose like some students don’t know how to send the homework on WhatsApp, how to download videos by Link etc. I made a proper time table for the online class including class of art and craft, Man ki baat and I also listened to their problems. Together we wrote poems and stories, did craft, science experiments, mathematical calculations and even yoga. Now my students make their own videos and share.

My learning has been that either in classroom teaching or in virtual/ online teaching, successful teaching is based on planning purposefully. What do I teach, how do I teach and what method can I use so that all my students understand.

Secondly I realized the importance of many other Meaningful education is all round development of students. I am using the student vision scale of foster and forge foundation to think of ways to build their self-belief, social responsibility along with their academics. My students have been taking all precautions and have also made poster for COVID awareness. stakeholders in education of our students. I tried to involve parents, villagers, and friends of students to motivate them to participate in the online class activities. I also added all sta teachers to help students in every subject, and send all e content on their groups.

My goal for the next two months is to do an online project with my students towards awareness on sustainable development goals.

Meenakshi Pal

Assitant Teacher,

U.P.S. Bhojpura, Mainpuri (UP)July 2020